Zoom issues across the country impacting learning

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Tech help evenings and hours are coming next week, please visit https://sites.google.com/swampscott.k12.ma.us/digitallearning/family-help page for the most up to date information

We have become aware of a known issue with Zoom and Google Meet and certain types of Chromebooks, many of which are in use throughout our district. We know this has been frustrating for many families and teachers today in Swampscott as well as across the country. 

When we reached out to Zoom to discuss, they responded with “While we have a team currently looking at ways to continue optimizing the existing Chrome application, Zoom’s number one goal is delivering the best possible experience for our users. To provide the highest performance and most stable Chrome application, we are focusing on the development of our new, ground-up, next-generation Chrome client. We are partnering directly with Google to ensure it is optimized for speed, features, and compatibility. In the interim, it’s important for Chrome users to ensure they are running the latest Chrome client, (SPS chromebooks are all updated), and to close all other applications and browser tabs.”

If your students experience quality problems with  Zoom on a Chromebook, please ask them to follow these steps, which should improve performance.

  • Remove any unnecessary extensions in use for Google Chrome.   
  • Limit the number of open tabs during meetings.  Additional tabs use system resources and tax a chromebook.
  • Turn off your camera if you have difficulty staying connected to meetings.

This problem, the timing of which could obviously not be worse, is affecting Chromebook users everywhere in all school districts.  We are researching other potential workarounds and best practices but a solution will ultimately have to come in the form of a Chrome software update as noted above by Zoom. Please make sure to reach out to the teacher if you have missed a meeting due to a Zoom difficulty so that we can track this data. We are also working with our staff to try out Google Meet as an alternative to Zoom.

Thank you,

SPS Technology & Digital Learning