Hybrid / Remote Hours & Choice Survey Letter Home to Families

Please see the full letter in all languages in this folder, which was emailed home to all families on Tuesday, January 5, 2021

January 5, 2021


Dear SPS Families,

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to provide the best educational experience possible for your students during this difficult school year. We understand how challenging this has been for families and educators alike.

In response to new data, family input, and to improve student learning, we will be making some changes to our hybrid learning model in the next few weeks.

We are asking you now to make a choice for the next few months (effective January 19th to April 16th) about whether your students will participate in our revised hybrid learning model or engage in fully remote learning only.

Please keep in mind that if the number of students choosing hybrid instruction exceeds the capacity of our schools to serve students in person, we will give hybrid slots first to students who are not making adequate academic progress, and then fill the remaining slots through a lottery.

You must make your selection by Friday, January 8th at 9:00 PM (see details below) or we will assign your child to the hybrid or fully remote model.

These new hybrid models, which increase the time students are actively engaged with a teacher, will begin on January 19th. The changes include:

  • Elementary (K-4) live remote instruction for all students on Wednesday mornings
  • Middle school live in-person or remote instruction for ELA, math and science, and one hour of remote live instruction each afternoon for all students
  • High school live in-person or remote instruction for all students for all classes except PE

The document linked below describes what our revised hybrid models will look like.


If, after reviewing the attached hybrid models, you still have questions you feel need answers before you can make a decision for your students regarding their participation in our hybrid model for the upcoming period (January 19th to April 16th), please submit your question through this Google Form:


Answers will be posted daily to this document:


Please remember that for the vast majority of students, learning and achievement improve if they are in-person with their teacher at least some of the time.

Please COMPLETE THIS SURVEY by Friday, January 8th at 9:00 PM to let us know which model (hybrid or full remote) you are choosing for each of your students for January 19th to April 16th:



PLEASE NOTE: If you choose the fully remote option, this is a commitment through April 16th.

Again, we deeply appreciate all your efforts to partner with us in the education of your children, especially this year when families must play a much larger role than ever before to help our students succeed.