The mission of the Swampscott Public Schools is to…

Promote academic excellence for ALL students by supporting teaching and learning.
Prepare ALL graduates for achieving success in college, career, and citizenship.
Build respectful, caring relationships among all members of our community.
Develop and nurture a culture of reflection, creativity, and commitment to continuous improvement.

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Swampscott Public Schools is committed to a Community of belonging with an intentional celebration of individual differences that puts Opportunity, Respect and Equity at our core.

We envision a school Community in which all feel welcomed and represented. The Swampscott Public Schools embrace and celebrate diversity and ensure that students, families and staff work together in inclusive settings to promote equitable access to Opportunities and equitable student outcomes.  We envision a school community built on Respect for ourselves, each other, our schools, and our environment.  Swampscott Public Schools explicitly and intentionally commit to Equity, anti-bias, and anti-racist education that is meaningful and visible in decision-making.